Review of Episode 40: The Maquis Part 1

Episode 40: The Maquis Part 1
Original air date: April 24, 1994
Podcast date: March 7, 2010

Synopsis: When a Cardassian freighter explodes at Deep Space 9, the Cardassians blame Federation colonists in the new Demilitarized Zone

Seth: ☆☆☆☆
Valerie: ☆☆☆☆
Ryan: ☆☆☆☆


  1. Great episode, Great podcast! I thought the three of you did a wonderful job in analyzing this one. Just a few thoughts. Ryan and Seth, you both said the Maquis were wrong in what they are doing and that you could never ascribe to killing innocents for any political cause. I actually agree with you. But, what scares me a bit is would I still agree if I had been through what some of the Maquis have been through? If my wife had been raped, tortured killed. What if they'd captured my children,etc. To me the human mind can be a very scary thing especially when it's had to experience profound grief and personal tragedy.
    I also especially liked Seth's thought in asking if we missed Garak. I saw where Valerie was coming from because I didn't miss him until Seth mentioned it. But Garak's presence would have been harmful to the overall storyline and an unnecessary detour. I think it's just that (like the three of you said), I like Garak's character and Andrew Robinson as an actor so much, that I want him to be in every Cardassian episode! LOL.
    You guys mentioned the Cardassian education system. A truly great Star Trek book called "A Stitch In Time" written by Andrew Robinson. It's about Garak as a young man growing up as well as gives us some insight to what Garak did to rebuild Cardassia after the Dominion war. This book offers some excellent Cardassian education system knowledge.
    One last thing.... On this whole thing not being Roddenberry's future. I think that was a very correct observation. And while it made for excellent story telling and what we now know to be classic DS9, I think it's partly why DS9 didn't do better. There were several Trek fans at the time who described DS9 as dark and dismal and that it had fallen away from Roddenberry's vision. I was actually one of those. But, after going back and re-watching the series I believe DS9 is THE best Star Trek that has ever been on television (Sorry TNG and no offense Mr. Rodenberry). I'm a fan of ALL Trek but I most enjoy watching DS9. Thanks Gamma Quadrant for another compelling podcast.